With Siblings offers trainings to assist agencies and parents in better-understanding the unique perspectives of birth children and the challenges that they face. These trainings are designed to equip parents and professionals to effectively support birth children. 

Trainings are offered in varying formats. Trainings can be presented virtually to members of hosting organizations or agencies, as well as virtually through With Siblings directly. 

Supporting Your Biological Child - Parent Training

Many foster and adoptive parents have questions surrounding the impact that foster care and adoption will have on their birth children. This presentation will examine the experiences of birth children, how to prepare them for the journey ahead, and ways to support them along the way.

Learning Objectives:

Grief, Loss, and Your Biological Child - Parent Training

The birth children of foster and adoptive parents experience grief and loss in a unique way. This presentation will examine losses experienced by birth  children, how they may grieve, and ways that parents can support their children in processing the uncomfortable emotions.

Learning Objectives:

Encouraging Sibling Relationships - Parent Training

Foster and adoptive parents want to encourage positive, healthy relationships between their children - whether those children joined the family by birth, foster care, or adoption. This training will examine the sibling relationship in light of the unique perspectives of birth children.

Learning Objectives: 

Understanding the Impact of Birth Order - Parent and/or Professional Training

Foster and adoptive parents often wonder about birth order in relation to fostering or adopting when they already have children by birth. This presentation will examine the significance of birth order, and encourage participants to consider how it relates to foster and adoptive families.

Learning Objectives:

Considering the Biological Child - Professional Training

Professionals and agency staff often wonder how they can best support foster and adoptive families, including the birth children. This presentation will examine the experiences of birth children, allow agency staff to consider approaches to engaging with birth children, and inspire a more holistic care for the entire foster or adoptive family.

Learning Objectives:


Are you hoping for an opportunity to brainstorm how your organization can go deeper in its support of the whole family? Would you like someone to talk to, in order to walk through what questions and options you might have? You may be interested in a consultation with Daniela! 

With Siblings does not offer individual consultation for families, parents, or birth kids. At this time, consultation is available only to organizations, agencies, and professionals.